We contacted Chicago Masonry and Chimney when we decided to update our fireplace. Friends of ours recommended them to us. As our home is older, it became apparent that certain components were beginning to fall apart. Evanston Masonry and Chimney Repair Evanston immediately took care of the chimney repair we desperately needed. They did a great job! It is difficult to determine which part of our fireplace received repairs. We had a tight budget and were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable rates in the quote they gave us.

Our home has several other masonry structures that require some love and care. The Evanston Masonry and Chimney team checked them out while they were there. Fortunately, they felt that although the work was required, it was by no means urgent. We plan to save for a bit in order to later program this chimney repair with no one else but Evanston Masonry and Chimney Contractors. As Evanston masonry owners, rest assured you can rely on Evanston Masonry and Chimney!